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Madison Foster

Blogger, activist, community organizer, public speaker, baby goat fan.

Madison is a Canadian political blogger, community organizer, and activist. As a white trans woman with a lived history of mental health struggles, she writes passionately and with the perspective of lived experience on transgender issues, and grassroots mental health, and feminism.

Madison has been actively involved in anti-oppression work with local gender & sexuality justice organizations. She gravitates towards public speaking, education workshops, community event organizing, and building peer-driven mental health groups.

Her hobbies include arts & crafts, camping, dancing, fashion, drinking far too much tea, being a social butterfly, and a healthy obsession with videos of goats in sweaters.
Who Decides What Makes a

Who Decides What Makes a Woman?

Writer Elinor Burkett, in this past weekend's New York Times, takes it upon herself to define womanhood, which she feels is under attack from trans women. Instead, Burkett only succeeds in viciously grinding an anti-feminist axe with the intent of severing trans women from our rightful womanhood. Transmisogyny is where transphobia and misogyny meet, each intensifying the other. It is a form of gendered oppression experienced by trans women, central to which is the vicious lie that we are, or ever have been, men. This is violence, a violence which all too frequently ends in a trans woman's death.
06/10/2015 06:09 EDT