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Maggie Moon

MS, RDN and Senior Manager of Nutrition Communications at Wonderful Pistachios

Maggie Moon, MS, RDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist, author, and educator with expertise in the health and nutrition benefits of pistachios. Ms. Moon was adjunct faculty in the Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College in the City of New York, and has served on executive committees for regional and national dietetics associations. She completed her clinical training at New York Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, and holds a master of science degree in Nutrition and Education from Columbia University.
5 Ways To Eat Smarter This

5 Ways To Eat Smarter This Week

Many Canadians are looking for quick and easy ways to freshen up their weekly meal plan. Instead of a drastic overhaul or resorting to dieting, here are my five tips for quick wins and smart substitutions you can make to your daily meals and snacks.
04/28/2017 03:38 EDT
7 Nutty Facts To Help Celebrate World Pistachio

7 Nutty Facts To Help Celebrate World Pistachio Day

February 26th is World Pistachio Day! OK, so you've never heard of World Pistachio Day. In fact, the only things you probably know about pistachios is that they're green, tasty and come in a shell that's already half-open for some strange reason.
02/26/2016 10:39 EST