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Magnolia Ripkin

Life coach and advisor to the misdirected

Magnolia Ripkin is sort of like your mouthy Aunt who drinks too much and tells you how to run your life, except funny... well, mostly funny... like a cold glass of water in the face. Channeling Erma Bombeck and Dear Abby, she is flinging out advice, answering pressing questions about business, personal development, parenting and heck, even the bedroom isn't safe.
Vanity Sizing: Just Another Fashion Industry Shaming Getty

Vanity Sizing: Just Another Fashion Industry Shaming Tool

Ready-to-wear clothing has become bigger over time. In the 1937 Sears Catalog, a size 14 dress had a bust size of 32 inches. By 1967 those sized boobs snagged you a size eight frock. In 2011, you and your little B cup breasts get a high five from the girls at the gym because you wear a size zero. I think Vanity Sizing is just another marketing/shaming tool.
02/20/2014 12:26 EST