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Maha Vaj-Ra

Jedi Master

Maha Vajra is a modern day enlightened spiritual master. His teachings contain wisdom from more than 23 years of experience on a spiritual path.

He masters oriental and occidental spirituality alike, yet most of what he teaches he acquired during his enlightenment experience. Although he is a Buddhist Acharya (bishop), his teachings are from Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Christianity, and are non-dogmatic.
What I Would Change About Mental Readiness in

What I Would Change About Mental Readiness in Canada

What I would change about mental readiness in Canada. When you get angry, do you chose it? Or does it happen out of your own control? Does your own mind consult you before it pushes you in a moment of...
06/26/2013 02:08 EDT
Jediism, My Religion Lucasfilm

Jediism, My Religion Is

Jediism is about personal development in the most down-to-earth way. We practice meditation because it gives obvious results, not because we believe maybe it could. It's all about our individual quest to discover the Force. What others have called God, or the absence of God, or the universal this or that, we have called the Force.
05/08/2013 01:57 EDT