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Mahmood Iqbal

Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, Carleton University

Dr. Mahmood Iqbal is a visiting scholar at the department of Economics, Carleton University, Canada. His work experience includes nearly 20 years of service at the Conference Board of Canada. He specializes in inter-disciplinary areas of economic policy research, and is the author of more than 35 published reports and 25 articles. Recently published: No PhDs Please: This is Canada: Dismal Employment and Earning Prospects of PhDs in an Advanced Resource Rich Country.
In Canada You Can Get a PhD, But Maybe Not a Shutterstock

In Canada You Can Get a PhD, But Maybe Not a Job

The economic returns and employment situation of higher educated persons in Canada -- as compared to U.S. and other OECD countries -- are disturbing. PhDs, even after five to six more years of schooling, earn only 8 per cent more than Masters. The logical question is why does Canada produce PhDs in numbers far more than can be gainfully employed?
09/26/2012 05:19 EDT