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Mahsa Alimardani

Writer & Researcher, University of Toronto

Mahsa Alimardani is a guest contributor at the Atlantic Council of Canada, a writer for MTV global voices, and Huffington Post blogger. She's been a reporter for Taiwan's Taipei Times, and also a broadcaster, producer and political commentator on Toronto's CIUT 89.5. She wrote her senior honours thesis on the women's movement in Iran, and is taking a year off to write and travel before returning to academia at University College of London for a Masters in Human Rights.
The Iran Tribunals: Finally Holding Death Committees to Shutterstock

The Iran Tribunals: Finally Holding Death Committees to Account

A process of truth and reconciliation is underway this week in The Hague -- the Iran Tribunals. The aim of the tribunals is to bring the facts, individuals, and victims of the mass executions that marked the beginnings of the Islamic Republic of Iran. As witnesses of day one related their stories to the audience, there was a feeling of clarity. More than one tear was shed for these tragic experiences, and the lives lost.
10/26/2012 12:18 EDT
Buck 65 on How Big Ego Fuels

Buck 65 on How Big Ego Fuels Creativity

I got a chance to catch up with Buck 65 post show to tell us how after 20 years of being a veteran musician he still gets nervous, and describes how his ego allows him to be creative. "When it comes to ego and creativity, the snake starts to eat it's own tale. A few years ago I started a vanity project in my house that I wasn't going to sell or distribute. Then one day I got an email from a friend who helped out with one of the songs, and he asked if he could share it."
10/26/2012 05:33 EDT
Everybody's Cuckoo for Dragonette

Everybody's Cuckoo for Dragonette

Chipped nail polish, a quirky school-girl voice, and audience conversations was centre stage last Thursday at Polson Pier's Sound Academy with a performance by Toronto band Dragonette. The audience was in a frenzy for most of the night, as the crowd of early-20-something hipsters were in a feel-good party mood in the intimate Sound Academy venue.
10/23/2012 04:54 EDT
Boycotting the Oscars Is No Solution,

Boycotting the Oscars Is No Solution, Iran

Innocence of Muslims aspired and failed to be a film, which was then dubbed, cut, and turned into a hybrid trailer-clip of a YouTube video. The poor production value, and the ignorance put into the creation of this project are far from worthy of the protests, bloodshed, or lives lost. Despite this, the Iranian government has decided to take a stand against the Academy Awards, for not taking a stand against a YouTube video and is boycotting the awards. This reasoning is untenable, and thus it merits some analysis.
10/09/2012 05:25 EDT
Sanctions Are Good for Iranian Politicians, Not

Sanctions Are Good for Iranian Politicians, Not People

The sanctions noose around Iran fully tightened at the beginning of July as the European Union joined the United States to impose a total embargo on all purchases of Iranian oil and place severe restrictions on the country's central bank. As the likelihood of war increases it is important to ensure that the nuclear issue does not overshadow human rights concerns.
08/15/2012 04:03 EDT
Obama's Spin Tactics and ACA Will Win Him a Second

Obama's Spin Tactics and ACA Will Win Him a Second Term

With the victory that is known as Obamacare under his belt, a strong national security platform, and an opponent with a personality that has alienated the American public, Obama remains a strong incumbent president. While I hesitate to make any predictions, the odds are in favor of a second term for President Barack Obama.
07/06/2012 03:41 EDT
When the Internet is Blocked, So Is Change in AP

When the Internet is Blocked, So Is Change in Iran

In the highly turbulent world of the Middle East, social media has been playing an extremely significant role in raising awareness and inciting change. But in Iran, the internet is closed-off from the outside world, only giving its citizens government-issued propaganda. People like Saman Arbabi are trying to fight this, and we must help in any way we can.
06/19/2012 12:02 EDT
Will The Female Bob Rae Please Stand CP

Will The Female Bob Rae Please Stand Up?

Bob Rae's decision not to seek the position of permanent leader of the Liberal Party was a dignified one. But now the way forward for the Liberal Party is to rebuild in the best possible way. It's time to end the old boys' club mentality. Liberals are given an opportunity to show this to Canada by breaking down barriers for women in politics.
06/14/2012 03:39 EDT