Maia Bent

President, Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA)

Maia Bent has focused her career on injury litigation and obtaining fair compensation for those affected by tragic and unforeseen circumstances. In 2014, she successfully argued some of the largest personal injury awards in Ontario history. Maia is interested in issues related to the insurance industry, liability legislation and the legal issues surrounding elder care in Canada and the rights of people who are injured while in the care of a nursing home.

This year, Maia was chosen as President Elect for the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) – an association of lawyers acting for plaintiffs, working to ensure
equal access to justice and full protection of the rights of those who have been injured.
In Personal Injury Disputes, Your Metadata Is Fair

In Personal Injury Disputes, Your Metadata Is Fair Game

Over the last few years, as sharing of personal information on social media has become more ubiquitous, many personal injury cases in Ontario are being decided on evidence gathered from plaintiffs' social media accounts, which provide 'metadata' creating a time and location stamp of a user's online activity. And it's all admissible as evidence in court.
03/01/2016 04:32 EST