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Maija Leivo

Mom, Filmmaker, Experimental Gardener, History Graduate

Working as a writer and producer for over 10 years at <a href="" rel="nofollow">Parallax Film Productions</a> in White Rock, B.C., Maija Leivo has been inspired by her home garden to move into tech with the launch of her first <a href="" rel="nofollow">Garden Sketch iPad app</a>. She has two children and a couple of step-dogs.
Life With The Eagles Next

Life With The Eagles Next Door

I didn't know much about the Bald Eagles cycles. It just seemed one week they were there and then they were gone. But year after year, it became a familiar pattern. I'd get a happy twinge in the autumn when I spotted the first Bald Eagle of the season, "They're back!"
01/27/2016 01:41 EST
Gardening Gifts Grown with

Gardening Gifts Grown with Love

Our gardens and favourite plants are out of sight, but with the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to share some gift ideas for the gardener in your life.
12/01/2014 03:29 EST
How To Maintain An Autumn

How To Maintain An Autumn Garden

Many of us love autumn; the sticky heat of summer passes, and we're able to sleep comfortably at night. We revel in the colours of fall and our maple trees embody natural Canadian beauty. But what about our yards? How do we make the most of the change of seasons? How can we make the most out of fall?
10/29/2014 06:57 EDT
I Made A Gardening App For

I Made A Gardening App For That

Two years ago, I bought a house and the while the inside was freshly renovated, the outside was a disaster, revealing its former secret life as a rental property. Little did I know, that this house and yard would inspire a chain of events that would set me on a new path.
10/07/2014 06:35 EDT