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Retired Maj. Stephen Fuhr

Liberal candidate, Kelowna-Lake Country

Maj. Stephen Fuhr (retired) is the Liberal candidate in the federal riding of Kelowna-Lake Country.
Harper's hostile greeting for new Canadians by

Harper's hostile greeting for new Canadians by @Fuhr2015

While Canada Day is usually a time to celebrate the swearing in of new citizens, this year will be the first time that their citizenship will be marked with an asterisk, thanks to Harper's passage of Bill C-24. The new law threatens dual citizens and immigrants to Canada with revocation of their citizenship. Now, citizenship can be revoked by a Citizenship Officer without a live hearing, without opportunity for appeal, without a judge, and for reasons other than a fraudulent application.
06/30/2015 11:59 EDT
Political Accountability Starts With

Political Accountability Starts With Transparency

Sadly, too many public officials are all too eager to scam taxpayers and charge fraudulent expenses. That is especially true if they feel they are accountable to no one. Accountability begins with transparency. After all, you can't judge a person's actions if you don't know what they've done. Just as companies are accountable to their owners and shareholders, so elected officials are accountable to their citizens and taxpayers.
04/12/2015 01:17 EDT
I'm a Lifelong Conservative But I'm Running for the

I'm a Lifelong Conservative But I'm Running for the Liberals

I am a retired military officer and fighter pilot for the Royal Canadian Air Force. I am a business leader. I am a Christian. I was born in Tory-blue Alberta and grew up in the B.C. Interior. I have never smoked a joint in my life, and I always voted Conservative. You could say I'm not your typical candidate to be a Liberal Member of Parliament. Given the conduct of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, however, the choice was clear. Here's how I got here.
12/10/2014 12:31 EST