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Makeda Waterman

Writer and travel enthusiast with a love for sunsets, good food, family and friends.

Makeda Waterman is an online media journalist with a passion for helping people succeed in life. Outside of writing for The Huffington Post, she is a writing contributor for and Elite Daily. She also runs an online marketing writing business.
Dear Black

Dear Black People

There are some people from Africa that believe they are different than people from the Caribbean. They openly make a reference that they are "African" and the others are "black people." The divide between some of my people gives me a headache. The entire purpose of colonization in Africa between the fifteenth and nineteenth century was to separate African people from their culture and place them around the earth to make it hard for them to figure out who they are.
05/29/2017 11:43 EDT
'I'm Too Attractive' Is No Excuse For Being Unlucky In

'I'm Too Attractive' Is No Excuse For Being Unlucky In Love

Do you believe that attractive women can't find love? I recently read an MSN article titled "This woman says she's 'too good looking' to get a boyfriend." It was about a millennial woman that believes her appearance is the reason that is stopping her from a man taking her seriously.
05/12/2017 11:13 EDT
Freelance Work Is An Unconventional Land Of

Freelance Work Is An Unconventional Land Of Opportunity

Being a successful freelancer is a confidence booster, but some people ask me, "are you actually getting paid to write?" My eyebrows cave in, and I realize at times that even though there are successful freelancers out there on YouTube and television, many still believe that the writer's life is simply a hobby that brings minimal success. The truth is, if you do things in a certain way, you can travel the world, collaborate with C-suite professionals on projects, and help others during your career.
05/08/2017 02:04 EDT
My Life Changed The Moment I Stopped Settling For

My Life Changed The Moment I Stopped Settling For Mediocrity

After working in the corporate world in the United States and Canada for a decade, I started to feel empty inside. My personal and career relationships were intact, but like many nine to fivers, I knew that there was more to life than the four walls of my cubicle.
04/28/2017 06:33 EDT