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Malcolm Jolley

Founding editor, Good Food Revolution

Malcolm Jolley is the founding editor of Good Food Revolution, a not-for-profit news website about artisanal food and wine and the people that make, serve and sell it. Learn more at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.
Occupy Foodstock: A Tastier

Occupy Foodstock: A Tastier Cause

The "occupiers" of Foodstock had been invited by the Canadian Chef's Congress' Michael Stadtlander, whose famous Eisenginn Farm restaurant is a few miles north, to demonstrate a very singular and simple demand: that the provincial and federal governments use all their powers to ensure a mega quarry is never dug.
10/20/2011 09:11 EDT
Where Does Your Thanksgiving Dinner Come

Where Does Your Thanksgiving Dinner Come From?

This year, let's thank the women and men who actually grow or raise the food that we put on the table on Monday because I swear that it tastes better to me for having seen the soil from which it sprung.
10/08/2011 08:28 EDT