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Malkin Dare

Former President, Society for Quality Education

Mrs. Dare began her career as an elementary school teacher after graduating from the University of Western Ontario and London Teachers’ College. She later joined the Department of External Affairs and served in Hong Kong and Barbados. As a result of her concern for the state of education in Ontario, Mrs. Dare was one of the founding members of the Organization for Quality Education (OQE). She was OQE’s founding president, a director of the Society for Advancing Educational Research in Education, a member of the Advisory Committee on Judicial Appointments for the Province of Ontario (West and South), and the author of Stairway to Reading and How to Get the Right Education for Your Child and Stairway to Reading. Mrs. Dare was a member of the editorial board of the Journal of School Choice.
United OntarioTeachers Stand, Divided They Offer

United OntarioTeachers Stand, Divided They Offer Extra-Curriculars

Ontarian parents who favour one unified school system would be wise to take a look at the education scene in B.C., where some say the teachers' union is more powerful than God. If we didn't have three teachers' unions in Ontario, it is likely that no students would be enjoying extra-curricular activities today.
03/04/2013 12:18 EST
Should We All Learn the Finnish

Should We All Learn the Finnish Way?

In the world of education, these days Finland is like a rock star. Finnish experts are all over the media, describing the "Finnish education miracle" and suggesting that other countries copy their practices. There's just one problem with this picture. The trouble is -- Finland didn't do all that well on the recent trends in international Math and Science study.
02/20/2013 11:51 EST
Want to Save Money In Ontario? Cut the Fat in

Want to Save Money In Ontario? Cut the Fat in Education

For the sake of future generations, we need to take immediate and forceful action to deal with Ontario's massive deficit. And of course, to cut the deficit we will need to cut government waste, and that includes cutting the wasteful practices so prevalent in our education system. Ontario is going to have to take drastic action lest it go the way of Greece.
02/08/2013 12:24 EST
Why Are Boys Doing Worse Than

Why Are Boys Doing Worse Than Girls?

Women are doing better across the board. So the question becomes: what happened 30 or 40 years ago to start boys' downward spiral? It goes without saying that we've experienced social and cultural changes that have made it possible for women to excel -- both in higher education and in their professional life. But until recently, boys did better than girls. What's changed?
01/29/2013 05:46 EST
You Can Only Trust the Teachers' Union if You're a

You Can Only Trust the Teachers' Union if You're a Teacher

The teachers' union is in business to advocate on behalf of their members. As a result, the teachers' union positions on all sorts of issues are predetermined. The teachers' union is still trying to get more money for its members. Business is as usual.
01/22/2013 05:24 EST