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Mara Raye Munro

Travel writer, yoga teacher, archaeologist of the spirit

Mara is a writer, editor, teacher and Founder of 'Yoga for Creativity' based in Toronto, ON. For more of her musings on the relationship between art and yoga visit:
The One Skill Every Successful Freelancer Must

The One Skill Every Successful Freelancer Must Master

Life as a freelance writer, as all self-employed creative professionals know, is a hustle. Countless unpaid hours of marketing, promotion, professional development, training, networking, pitching and negotiating go into each and every contract, no matter how big or small, whether won or lost.
01/30/2017 12:23 EST
Seekers, Shamans And The Call Of The

Seekers, Shamans And The Call Of The Vine

In this post-colonial era, we now look to the ancient wisdom cultures we once ignored, scorned and at worst, destroyed, for answers. The Western world is growing a seemingly unquenchable thirst for Buddhism and Yoga from the East and from the Americas, Shamanism and plant medicine.
04/18/2016 11:12 EDT
A Brief History Of Medicinal

A Brief History Of Medicinal Tattooing

Tattoos have long been considered to be much more than body decoration. The spiritual, social, personal and political significance of getting inked is an indelible aspect of body art, and most people who have undergone the uncomfortable, to outright painful procedure attest to it's intrinsic spiritual experience. But what about tattoos as a form of healing? What if there was a medicinal and curative element to this global ritual?
04/05/2016 11:56 EDT