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Marc Joiner

Calgary-based partner in Deloitte’s Audit Advisory practice.

Marc Joiner is a partner at Deloitte Canada focused on Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and their Finance teams. He leads Deloitte's Alberta CFO Program focusing on helping large Alberta company CFOs build relationships among themselves and coaching large company CFOs transitioning into their role. Marc is also a leader of Deloitte's Alberta Finance Transformation service line focusing on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Finance teams and helping Finance teams be more strategic to the rest of their organizations.

Weathering The Oil and Gas Storm by Enhancing the CFO: Part 3

The way the industry thinks about the areas of capital planning, budgeting and forecasting has to change, as priorities shift from identifying and finding opportunities to getting the most out of a portfolio of assets that often far exceed the available capital.
08/20/2015 05:03 EDT

Weathering The Oil and Gas Storm by Enhancing the CFO: Part 2

The world is always reinventing itself, and for that growing number of organizations and their CFOs who desire or expect Finance to play more of a catalytic and strategic role, the key challenge is likely not in seeing the need but in overcoming a number of systemic barriers in their way.
07/29/2015 02:34 EDT