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Marc Kielburger

Co-founder, WE

Marc Kielburger, co-founder of the international non-profit, Free The Children, and its supporting social enterprise, ME to WE.
Moving From I To We As A asiseeit via Getty Images

Moving From I To We As A Family

Traditions are an important part of family life. Research shows maintaining customs makes families stronger and more stable, and gives children a feeling of comfort and security. But I don't simply want to build traditions for traditions' sake. I want to think about how I can use these family rituals to fulfill my pledge to live WE, to make a difference with my actions every day. Here are some ideas to start a tradition that gives back -- from my family to yours.
06/13/2017 09:16 EDT
Peering Behind the Curtain of 60

Peering Behind the Curtain of 60 Minutes

It was 16 years ago that I stood in our home-turned-headquarters and watched the legendary Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes interview my very nervous 13-year-old younger brother. It was a rare glimpse behind the scenes of one of North America's best known news shows. When 60 Minutes came calling again last year, we greeted the news with both anticipation and trepidation.
12/05/2012 12:09 EST