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Marc Skulnick

Editor, writer

Marc Skulnick is the Editor of Hamilton Magazine. A proud British expat, he’s also an unabashed Culture Club fan and loves his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.

He can be reached at
Customer Service Fail?

Customer Service Fail? "Whatevs!"

Granted, it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it's 10 C out, but saying "Happy Holidays" seems to be yet another facet of the customer service experience that has gone by the wayside. That, and the very notion of actually serving the customer, it would seem.
12/10/2011 07:37 EST
You Say Facebook, I Say

You Say Facebook, I Say Fakebook

If you're thinking, "Well, if Facebook bores you that much, don't use it," believe me, I've tried. I "deactivated" my account, but a couple of months later you're curious to see what everyone has been up to and log on, ostensibly to have a quick nose about.
10/14/2011 01:38 EDT
Real Men Watch Coronation

Real Men Watch Coronation Street

<em>Coronation Street</em> characters are just ordinary people like you and I, who eat, drink, and smoke, and have their fair share of ordinary problems. (We can all identify with murder, identity theft, kidnapping and prostitution, can't we?)
07/14/2011 03:00 EDT
Between a Stone and a Hard

Between a Stone and a Hard Place

It took getting my ass kicked by a kidney stone for me to realize I was giving K-Fed a run for his money in the "shocking weight gain" sweepstakes. After my brush with death, I swore I would adopt a healthier, sodium-reduced diet.
06/08/2011 09:13 EDT