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Marci Warhaft-Nadler

Author, Body Image Advocate, Founder of the Fit vs Fiction Workshops

Marci Warhaft-Nadler is a body image advocate, founder of the Fit vs Fiction workshops and author of “The Body Image Survival Guide for Parents: Helping Toddlers, Tweens and Teens Thrive”. After battling her own body image issues, Marci created her Fit vs Fiction program to tear down the dangerous myths related to beauty and fitness and empower kids with the self-esteem they need to tune out negative messages and be proud of who they are instead of judging themselves for who they think they’re not.
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Is Lululemon More Offensive Than Abercrombie & Fitch?

There have been a lot of comparisons made over the last week or so between Abercrombie & Fitch founder, Mike "We only like the cool kids" Jeffries and Lululemon founder, Chip "Our designs aren't flawed, your bodies are" Wilson. But there's one big difference between these two clothing moguls
11/15/2013 12:24 EST

Lululemon Wants Women to Hate Their Bodies

Healthy bodies are being shamed so they can glorify skinny ones. We need to love our bodies into health, not hate them into being skinny. Lulelemon should be about getting all women IN the game, not banishing most of them to the sidelines. Lululemon stores even keep their largest items -- sizes 10 and 12 -- segregated from smaller sizes.
11/08/2013 10:59 EST

Ladies, Losing Weight Doesn't Always Mean Getting Healthier

Being healthy includes living an active lifestyle and eating a variety of foods in moderation, but being healthy will look different for different people. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could actually see more than one version of a fit body represented in the media? Instead we're bombarded with image after image perpetuating the myth that the skinniest women are always the fittest and the men with the most muscles are always the strongest.
10/29/2013 12:42 EDT
Maria Kang/Facebook

Why Are Fit Mom or Fat Mom the Only Options?

My problem isn't with Maria as a person. I don't believe that she was intentionally trying to hurt anyone, and there's a very good chance that she had no idea how this image would add major fuel to the already blazing fire of contempt in a society that glorifies the skinniest bodies and demonizes pretty much everything else.
10/22/2013 05:47 EDT
Maria Kang

Why I Don't Want to Be a "Fit-Mom" Anymore

This morning, a friend of mine sent me what's now become the infamous photo of fitness trainer and uber lean and toned mother of three Maria Kang, with the caption "What's your excuse?" I was a hard bodied, fit looking mother of two and it's because I've been there that I am so frustrated by the myth it represents. What's my excuse? Here are just a few.
10/17/2013 12:41 EDT

Kids Shouldn't Worry About Halloween Calories

Kids have started getting excited about the bounty of candy they'll be getting and their parents are getting anxious. There is so much focus being put on the issue of obesity recently that we have become terrified of every calorie and fat gram we consume and are unfortunately, passing this fear on to our kids.
10/16/2013 08:15 EDT

Help Your Kids Start the School Year With a Healthy Body Image

Heading back to school after summer vacation can be stressful for kids. A lot can happen to a young person's body over summer vacation. Some kids will experience a growth spurt, while others will need a little time to catch up. Here are a few things you can do to help your kids start the school year off with confidence.
08/27/2013 08:06 EDT

When Being Too Healthy Is Bad for Your Health

While healthy lifestyle changes are a good thing, it can be surprisingly easy to cross the line from fit to fanatical. It's not hard to understand the dangers that come from eating too much of the wrong types of food or not getting enough physical activity, but it can be much harder to grasp how too much of a good thing can also put your health at risk.
08/14/2013 12:30 EDT

What Not to Say to Your Overweight Child

Dear parents of an overweight child, how many times have you said something a little unkind to your child about their weight because you felt it would benefit them in the future? Confused about what to say and not to say? Here are a few sentences that should be immediately and permanently deleted from your vocabulary.
07/19/2013 08:02 EDT

Respect Athletes for Their Talents, Not Their Looks

This isn't about whether or not Marion Bartoli is attractive, this is about the fact that it just shouldn't matter. She won at Wimbledon! I'm disgusted that there's more discussion going on about where she ranks on the "sexy meter" than any of her matches.
07/12/2013 08:15 EDT

Teach Your Kids Healthy Body Image With These Fun Games

Nine-year-old boys are asking why they can't have six-pack abs like Jacob from Twilight and eight-year-old girls hate their "chubby" tummies. What can we do as their parents to help them feel better about themselves? I offer tips, tools, games and projects to help parents empower their kids with the self-esteem they deserve. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.
06/18/2013 05:38 EDT

Breaking Free of a Body-Hating Society

We live in an image-obsessed, fat-phobic, thin is in, skinny jean-wearing, thigh gap-measuring, binging and purging, forever dieting, body-hating society where kids barely out of preschool are begging their mothers to keep them home from school because they feel like they're too fat to fit in. And that pisses me off.
06/07/2013 12:14 EDT

Build Girls' Self-Esteem By Getting Them Off Sidelines

Six in 10 girls quit activities they love because of how they feel about their looks. Last month, Dove launched its Girls Unstoppable campaign with the goal of preventing girls from giving up on the sports and activities that can help them build their confidence and self-esteem.
05/14/2013 12:24 EDT
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Why I'm Not Hiding The Ugly Truth Of My Eating Disorder From My Kids

Recently I was asked if I ever worried that I was putting my children at risk for developing eating disorders by being so open and honest about my own. The truth is that they always knew their mom was a bit "different," they just didn't know why. I may have convinced myself that they were oblivious to my disorder, but how could that be true when we'd be walking out the door to go for dinner and one of them would ask, "Are you eating today, Mommy, or just watching?" or they'd shout, "Look, Mommy's a dinosaur!" because the bones of my spine would poke out so sharply from under my skin.
05/02/2013 12:22 EDT
Getty Images

Pregnancy's Not a Crime, So Don't Hide the Evidence

I completely understand the pressure famous moms are under to retain their "Hot chick" status during and immediately following their pregnancies, but how great would it be if they didn't cave into that pressure? Pregnancy isn't a crime, so why the need to hide all of the evidence?
04/18/2013 12:12 EDT
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Have We Become Uncomfortable With Pregnant Bodies?

Most women, famous or not, feel tremendous pressure to live up to the bizarre and completely unrealistic ideals of our image and skinny obsessed society. Is it really an issue that Kim Kardashian is comfortable showing off her growing, changing body or is the real issue that we're uncomfortable looking it? I honestly believe that we have forgotten the miracle that childbirth is. Show me a woman who has tried unsuccessfully to conceive, and I'll show you a woman who would joyfully trade her flat stomach and narrow hips for the stretch marks, expanded rear end and growing belly that can accompany a pregnant body.
04/05/2013 07:59 EDT
Getty Images

Students Must Exercise Both Body and Mind to Be Successful

As a parent, I'm less concerned with the food that's available at my children's school than I am with the physical activity that is NOT. If our school boards think they are doing our kids a favour by keeping them tied to their chairs and computers, they are sadly mistaken. All the professional and financial success in the world means nothing if you don't live long enough to enjoy it.
03/20/2013 12:14 EDT

Child Obesity Is Not the Problem

While it's become nearly impossible to turn on a TV or read a newspaper without hearing about the obesity epidemic, I believe we are focusing our energy on the wrong problem. Is obesity a serious issue? Yes. But obesity is just one symptom of the real issue which is unhealthy living. By focusing solely on obesity, we are turning a "lifestyle" issue into a "fat" one and are completely missing out on giving people the information they need to be truly healthy. The dangerous part about this is that instead of encouraging people to get healthy we are demanding that they get skinny
03/13/2013 08:16 EDT
Getty Images

Does Mayor Bloomberg Want Us to Be Healthy or Skinny?

The judge has spoken, the ruling has been been made and our right to drink super sized, sugar loaded beverages remains intact. "The rule prohibits selling non-diet soda and some other sugary beverages in containers bigger than 16 ounces." I have no problem with the government wanting to help us get healthier, but I do have an issue with it just wanting to make us skinnier.
03/12/2013 05:46 EDT