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Marcia Barhydt

Writer, Author - One Small Voice, Celebrate Age

After a 32-year career as a Flight Attendant with Air Canada, Marcia Barhydt started her own company, Willowtree, and became a customer service trainer. <br> <br> Willowtree evolved to WillowWords when Marcia started writing a bi-weekly customer service column for The Brampton News and freelanced for them also. <br> <br> Marcia's first monthly article was for Timeless Woman and it became a soapbox for Marcia's thoughts about her life and the issues that we need to address and celebrate. <br> <br> Marcia is now a monthly contributor to Huffington Post, WE Magazine for Women, Kalon Women, Boomer Cafe and Women's Post. <br> <br> She writes about issues of Baby Boomers and women over 40, including the prejudice of ageism, as well as the joys and challenges of being older, even being over 90. <br> <br> She writes marketing materials and web content for other <br> business women. <br> <br> Marcia's first book, Celebrate Age, is a collection of articles from Timeless Woman and her second book, One Small Voice, is a collection of articles about the bias of ageism and the plusses of being an older woman. <br> <br> Marcia is the proud mother of 2 adult daughters, Heather and <br> Allison and an even prouder of Andra, Nattie and Maren, her 3 perfect granddaughters.
The 103-Year-Old Who Feels

The 103-Year-Old Who Feels 20

Carla Laemmle, the niece of then Universal Studios chief Carl Laemmle, marks her 103rd birthday with a party at the Silent Movie Theatre. So what is Laemmle's secret to longevity? "I never thought about age," she explained. "I always had a feeling that I was in my 20s."
11/02/2012 12:07 EDT
Finding Love and Sex After

Finding Love and Sex After 60

Seniors are setting the record straight -- love and romance aren't just for the young. In fact seven in 10 seniors over the age of 75 say they're never too old for love. I can speak directly to finding love and sex after 60 because for me, aged 68 and closing in fast on 69, both have never been better. Trust me.
10/04/2012 12:16 EDT
Is 90 the New

Is 90 the New 60?

There are bonuses to being over 90. One of the bonuses, surprisingly, is new proof that the ageing brain may be more capable than we have imagined. Do I think my brain will be better at 90 than it is now? I'm not sure, but I do think it'll be wiser and I do think it'll still have all kinds of wonderful ideas to share with younger people.
08/27/2012 12:47 EDT
We Celebrate Baby Boomers -- Why Not

We Celebrate Baby Boomers -- Why Not 90-Year-Olds?

All this Boomer hype is seriously detracting from another group, those over 90 years old, who are the fastest-growing age group around the world. Living to be over 90 is an accomplishment not recognized much outside of family and friends of the older person celebrating her longevity.
08/09/2012 05:27 EDT