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Marcia Sirota

Author, speaker, coach and MD

Marcia Sirota is an author, speaker, coach and psychiatrist. She's the founder of the Ruthless Compassion Institute, whose mandate is to help people have better relationships, be happier and create good habits.
Are You Sabotaging Your First

Are You Sabotaging Your First Dates?

A first date can be awkward or enjoyable, exciting or boring, amazing or excruciatingly painful. People are simultaneously putting themselves forward and sizing each other up with everything leading toward the one important decision they need to make: whether or not to have a second date.
09/28/2015 05:36 EDT
5 Types of Toxic Co-Workers and How to Deal With

5 Types of Toxic Co-Workers and How to Deal With Them

People who are being harassed by toxic co-workers are an unrecognized cause of lowered productivity in the workplace. Even a well-adjusted, reasonably content, highly productive person who's forced to work, day after day, with a toxic colleague could find that they're not functioning at their usual level.
09/21/2015 03:39 EDT
Have a Strategy for Dealing With Difficult

Have a Strategy for Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers

Anyone who works with other people has had to deal with a difficult co-worker at some point in their career. Whether it's the office brown-noser; the office gossip; the person who steals your ideas and claims them as their own; or the jealous and competitive colleague who tries to sabotage your success -- the most important thing to realize when dealing with people like this is that it's not about you.
09/16/2015 05:05 EDT
Is the Workplace Culture at Amazon Progressive or

Is the Workplace Culture at Amazon Progressive or Destructive?

Work-life balance is non-existent at Amazon; an 80-plus hour work week is the norm. I imagine that the relentless pace, combined with the stress caused by this ruthless atmosphere, must be wreaking havoc on the mental and physical well-being of these employees.
08/27/2015 12:59 EDT
Is Ghosting an Appropriate Way to End a

Is Ghosting an Appropriate Way to End a Relationship?

In this era of being super-connected through our technology, the most shocking thing we can do today is to totally disconnect from another person. It's impossible to know why Charlize chose ghosting as her way of dealing with Sean, or even if that's actually what she did, but it makes me think about the whole idea of making a clean break from someone in a world that's all about connectivity.
08/24/2015 05:21 EDT
The Addictive Quality of Tinder Is Bringing an End to

The Addictive Quality of Tinder Is Bringing an End to Intimacy

People say that Tinder is addictive, and I can see why. It provides no joy, no closeness, no meaning. It's superficially stimulating and gives a false promise of fulfillment; just enough to compel the user to repeat the activity over and over again, in the hopes that eventually, they'll find what they're looking for.
08/16/2015 09:51 EDT
Guilt Is Really

Guilt Is Really Manipulation

We can be so successfully manipulated that we see our guilt as coming from our own conscience, when in reality, we've just been subtly (or not so subtly) coerced to act out someone else's agenda.
08/04/2015 09:02 EDT
Make Time to

Make Time to Smile

I read a story online this week about a six-year-old boy named Jaden Hayes, who lost both his parents and decided to do something positive, rather than give in to his grief. When we're feeling sad or stressed or over-heated, we should remember Jaden Hayes, and be inspired to be our best self rather than our crankiest self.
07/30/2015 01:26 EDT
What Grief Taught

What Grief Taught Me

When I was 25-years-old and early on in my medical training, I got a phone call from my mom one day. With no preamble, she blurted out, "She's gone!" At first, I didn't know who mom was talking about. Then she said the name. It was Esther, my infant niece.
07/29/2015 09:12 EDT


Everyone talks about happiness, and everyone has their own ideas about what will bring us more of it. I think that there are four key principles that together, can create significantly more happiness for ourselves, as well as for those around us.
07/26/2015 07:04 EDT
Good Communication Can Prevent a

Good Communication Can Prevent a Breakup

We make three fundamental mistakes around communication that can really jeopardize an otherwise viable relationship, and there are three important communication skills that can make the difference between an unhappy break-up and an ongoing, happy relationship.
07/23/2015 06:15 EDT
How to Survive a Bad

How to Survive a Bad Breakup

A bad breakup can feel like a stun gun has been applied directly to the center of your chest. You can feel paralyzed, overwhelmed with pain and grief, confused and utterly lost. How does a person cope with such an assault to their emotional world?
07/17/2015 08:12 EDT
Facing Adversity Can Turn Us Into Better

Facing Adversity Can Turn Us Into Better People

The difference between someone who's a victim and someone who's a survivor is the ability to take the crappiest moments in life and turn them into fertilizer. When we can use these painful times as fuel for our personal growth, we can move through any type of difficulty with grace and resilience.
07/16/2015 08:28 EDT
How to Make the Best Choices for Your

How to Make the Best Choices for Your Life

Sometimes, it can be hard to change. We may lack the necessary tools to help us understand our motivations and improve our decision-making process. There are six helpful tools that I would recommend for anyone who wants to make better choices and live a better life.
07/07/2015 12:18 EDT
Four Strategies for Coping With

Four Strategies for Coping With Loss

When I lost someone two years ago, I felt like I was in an altered state of consciousness, swimming through a thick soup of paralyzing emotions, with no idea how long it would last. These four strategies are super simple and enormously helpful, and I want to share them with you.
07/03/2015 07:19 EDT
5 Tips For Getting Into Shape This

5 Tips For Getting Into Shape This Summer

Summer is here, and many of us will be heading to the beach or attending holiday parties. It's also wedding season, and everyone will want to look their best. Here are five simple tips that will help you get into better shape for summer, and for the long run.
07/02/2015 12:41 EDT
Become a Winner: Adopt the Top Ten Habits of Elite

Become a Winner: Adopt the Top Ten Habits of Elite Athletes

The Pan Am games are coming to Toronto very soon, and it's got me thinking about how someone becomes a world-class athlete. Whether we're into sports, or just wanting to be the best we can be, it might be worth cultivating some of these habits ourselves.
06/30/2015 05:15 EDT
Marriage Equality Is a

Marriage Equality Is a No-Brainer

When I heard that the U.S. Supreme Court had finally accorded marriage rights to gay people, it felt like one of those, "Well
06/27/2015 06:36 EDT