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Marcia Sirota

Author, speaker, coach and MD

Marcia Sirota is an author, speaker, coach and psychiatrist. She's the founder of the Ruthless Compassion Institute, whose mandate is to help people have better relationships, be happier and create good habits.
Let's Bring an End to Bullying by Choosing to Cathy Yeulet

Let's Bring an End to Bullying by Choosing to #BeKind

I was just watching the video about Sean O'Brien, the #DancingMan, on Yahoo news the other day, and it got me thinking about all the bullying going on these days. It's the cause of so much suffering on the part of the victims, but it's also creating more misery for the bullies themselves.
05/28/2015 07:49 EDT
Are You Too Nice in Your shutterstock

Are You Too Nice in Your Relationships?

Many of us are convinced that being "nice" is the way to win a friend or a partner and keep them; that if we please this person and give them what they need, they'll love us and stay with us, forever. Well, it doesn't really work that way. When we're "nice," the other person can't know who we really are.
05/26/2015 08:58 EDT
What Makes a

What Makes a Mother?

Another Mother's Day has come and gone, and it has me reflecting on what it is that makes a mother. In my own life, I've been lucky to know many women who've been like a mother to me. There was my dev...
05/11/2015 12:01 EDT
What Provokes Us to Be Mean to Nice ATIC12

What Provokes Us to Be Mean to Nice People?

Every human being has occasional dark thoughts, feelings and urges. Most of us can contain these, most of the time. Now and then, our dark side is provoked a bit more strongly, and we end up being not so nice. What provokes the shadow side of our personality to come out?
05/10/2015 11:09 EDT
You Can Become More Confident, Right Shutterstock / aslysun

You Can Become More Confident, Right Now

Do you wish you were the person who takes a leadership role in the workplace and who is often given roles of greater responsibility by the bosses? Do you want to become the person who is rarely beset by self-doubt, self-criticism, or insecurities about your abilities? It's all possible. You simply need to gain confidence.
04/25/2015 10:04 EDT
It's Time to Stop Being So Nice at Jessica Peterson via Getty Images

It's Time to Stop Being So Nice at Work

If you've been an overly nice person at work, you should understand that your self-worth can never be improved by trying so hard to please others. You have to learn how to validate and respect yourself, and stop doing so much for your co-workers. When you can focus on making yourself happy, you'll do a better job at work.
04/16/2015 08:41 EDT
What's Really Going on When Celebrities

What's Really Going on When Celebrities Feud

When someone in the public eye chooses to engage in vitriolic attacks on another public figure, it reveals more about him and his character than it does about the supposed shortcomings of the person on the receiving end of the attack.
04/12/2015 01:16 EDT
Canadians Should Stop Being So ARTPUPPY via Getty Images

Canadians Should Stop Being So Nice

I think it may be time for us Canadians to reconsider our investment in being so nice. We don't have to stop being kind, thoughtful, caring or polite, but we might want to try saying "No" on occasion. We might want to let go of our obsession with making everyone else happy at our own expense. If the fish is overcooked at the fancy restaurant we're eating at, we might actually consider sending it back. If we're put on hold for 20 minutes we might contemplate registering a protest. We might even imagine giving up our compulsion for saying "I'm sorry" at the least possible provocation.
04/03/2015 11:22 EDT
Why It's Sad When Women Say They Oppose Vladimir Godnik via Getty Images

Why It's Sad When Women Say They Oppose Feminism

Perhaps some fearful women will want to hold onto the idea that a man will only want them if he doesn't have to respect them, but hopefully they'll see that it's better to be loved as well as respected by the men in their lives. Feminism is not a dirty word, anymore than love is, or respect, or compassion or consideration.
03/03/2015 05:48 EST
Why Women Need To Be More Powerful Around Tetra Images via Getty Images

Why Women Need To Be More Powerful Around Men

We can distinguish the reasonable men in our lives from the unreasonable men, simply by observing their reactions to our expressions of anger, displeasure or frustration toward them. A reasonable man is willing to take responsibility for his part in things; he'll accept our feedback and will make every effort to accommodate our needs.
03/01/2015 07:51 EST
A New Look at Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

A New Look at Resilience

When you think about resilience, you probably think of the ability to bounce back when faced with difficult or painful situations. You think about being able to carry on when you've encountered stress or loss, disappointment, frustration or tragedy. And that's all true. It's also, in my mind, closely associated with an attitude of empowerment.
02/25/2015 09:14 EST
Wellness in the 21st Getty

Wellness in the 21st Century

Wellness isn't simply about getting enough exercise, eating our greens and ensuring that we have enough good-quality sleep. Wellness is also about paying attention to all the other things that constitute well-being: it's considering the toxins we're being exposed to every day.
02/02/2015 05:52 EST
The Key to Health, Happiness and Success in Megan Evans via Getty Images

The Key to Health, Happiness and Success in 2015

I think a lot about happiness, health and success, and I work with people every day so that they can have more of all these things. One message I want to share with everyone is that the secret to greater health, happiness and success is not what you might expect. The secret to greater health, happiness and success is in opening your heart to others.
01/13/2015 05:14 EST
Why I Pity Today's Young

Why I Pity Today's Young Celebrities

We live in the days of wayward celebrity youth. They're in and out of rehab, being booked for a DUI, or making videos that could double as soft core porn. These kids are not yet out of their teens, bu...
03/13/2014 11:26 EDT
10 Perils We Face in the 21st Shutterstock

10 Perils We Face in the 21st Century

While we might think that the dangers we face come in the form of nuclear proliferation, rampant war-mongering, easy access to weapons, global warming and global financial collapse, we'd be wrong. While all the above are dangerous, to be sure, they're just symptoms of the real dangers we face. The real and growing dangers that immanently threaten our survival are tenfold.
04/22/2013 05:38 EDT
The Seven Secrets of Spectacular Alamy

The Seven Secrets of Spectacular Sex

Everyone wants better sex, but many of us have the wrong idea about how to make it happen. A happy, fulfilling sex life is available to everyone. If we simply pay attention, we'll discover the sexual satisfaction that we've never previously experienced. Here are the seven secrets to achieving a spectacular sex life.
03/07/2013 05:41 EST
Do You Love Like an Adult or

Do You Love Like an Adult or Child?

When I observe how people engage in romantic relationships, it seems that they do this in one of two ways: either from the perspective of a child or from that of an adult. People who pursue love from an adult perspective are looking for companionship, romance, a life partner. People who approach love from a child-like perspective, however, have a very different agenda
12/23/2012 11:34 EST