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Marco Morosini

Senior scientist, author

Senior scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. Former guest professor at ETH Zurich, and at the Universities of Lugano, Pavia, Siena, Pisa and Ancona. Journalist, book, film and theater author.

The Song Of The Germans

The melody 'Poco adagio. Cantabile' of the string quartet op 76 by Franz Joseph Haydn, is one of the most serene I know. I can't stop playing it back in its many versions available in YouTube. It was...
10/17/2016 05:27 EDT

Bertrand Piccard Is Back In The Air On The Solar Impulse

Psychiatrist, practitioner of yoga and hypnosis, Bertrand Piccard faces not only the external material constraints, but especially he touches the inner dimension of the individual and of the human species. What limits can a man reach while flying lonely and precarious for 100 hours over oceans and continents?
04/26/2016 03:45 EDT
Awakening via Getty Images

Defending Italian Beaches From Oil Drilling Is Not Enough

On April 17 we Italians will vote on a referendum which aims to hinder oil drilling near our coasts. The Italian government instead forces new domestic drilling for reducing oil imports. Simply opposing oil rigs before our door is short-sighted if we keep on burning more and more oil, provided that it comes from distant countries.
04/05/2016 11:58 EDT
PIERRE TEYSSOT via Getty Images

Can a Young Italian Premier Run a Country That's Dominated By the Old?

To be a Senator, one must be 40 or more and Renzi himself would not qualify for another year. Prime Minister perhaps, even President of the United States if he were born there, but not yet the hallowed nether-world of the Italian Senate. "We do not have the age" must also be said by 4.3 million adult Italians. No other country requires its citizens to wait until 25 to achieve full political rights.
06/01/2014 10:05 EDT