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Margaret Reffell


Margaret has her Undergraduate Degree in Science, with a Specialized Honors in Neuroscience and is currently completing her Masters Degree with an emphasis on the Neurochemical Effects of Food and Supplementation. Margaret specializes in the Biomedical approach to treating those suffering from Anxiety, Panic and Depressive Disorders. <br> <br> Margaret has also become a leader in her community by not only educating her fellow practitioners in the field of health and mental wellness through her, but she also acts as a business mentor on the technical aspect of building an online empire through her <a rel="nofollow">website</a> built <br> specifically to fulfill the needs of Entrepreneurs in the Health and Wellness Industry. <br> <br> Margaret has contributed to Live strong Online magazine, Chatelaine and The Healthy Gourmet: OWN. <br> <br> Margaret has built a safe and encouraging online community that she weekly <br> reaches out to with stress busting tips, free detox protocols and all of the latest research to help you break out of the shackles of your own mind and live a healthy happy and free life beyond your wildest expectations.
Stressed?! Maybe You're Eating Too Much of

Stressed?! Maybe You're Eating Too Much of These

You've all heard "you are what you eat" before, right? Well we now know that that is true on a more fundamental level than you ever could have imagined. So, is it possible that the foods we eat can be changing this chemical and physical make-up to actually create feelings of stress and anxiety? Absolutely! Check out the top five foods that can affect your brain chemistry and cause stress and anxiety.
07/18/2012 08:24 EDT
How Music Helps You Lose

How Music Helps You Lose Weight

As far as diets go, we've pretty much seen it all. The simple answer is, there is no simple answer. Let's try focusing on maximizing the time that we are exercising, as well as boost our basal (resting) metabolism naturally. One of the little known ways of doing this is through music.
06/29/2012 07:54 EDT