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Margot McKinnon

Pilates and movement specialist, founder and president of Body Harmonics Studios/Clinics in downtown Toronto.

Margot McKinnon (B.Ed., M.Ed.) is a Pilates and movement specialist dedicated to helping train teachers and the general public to move with ease and integrity. The Body Harmonics approach is science-driven and based on meeting people’s true needs. Over the last two decades Margot has become a leader in her field, developing an international Teacher Training program, 3 Specialist programs for movement educators and 45 continuing education workshops. She also presents at international conferences annually and teaches across Canada, in Europe and Brazil. She has been featured in Canadian Living Magazine and is the founder and president of Body Harmonics Studios/Clinics in downtown Toronto. Margot is passionate about helping people move well, teach well and be well, cultivating confident and competent teachers that have subsequently helped thousands of people transform their lives and careers through Body Harmonics’ unique whole-person approach to movement, health and well-being.
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3 Golden Rules For Working With Back Pain

Whether mild, severe or chronic, back pain affects almost everyone. According to Statistics Canada, four out of five adults will experience an episode of back pain at some point in their life. However, this does not have to mean that we are destined to live in pain.
06/16/2017 03:59 EDT
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What Really Keeps Us Motivated In Life?

As surely as gyms and fitness studios will be packed with newly motivated men and women every January, they will have cleared out come March. The typical 8-12 week motivation drop-off is a well-documented phenomenon. So if you have made a resolution to get healthy and fit this year and you are already losing steam don't worry, you are not alone.
03/21/2017 01:27 EDT