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Maria Boublil

Educational and Career Consultant, Founder of iSolve Consulting

Maria is an educational consultant and founder of iSolve Consulting, providing academic advising, student success coaching, and parent support resources. She has worked for over 15 years as an educational consultant in secondary and higher education.

Her experience working for a large multinational educational development company has given her a unique inside track to secondary and post-secondary programs and courses.

Maria speaks four languages fluently, and has lived and traveled abroad extensively. She has completed extensive training in civil mediation giving her experience with addressing difficult conversations, managing relationships, conflict support, and constructing agreements. She has training in working with at-risk youth and currently volunteers her time with a local organization.

She is also the mother of two teenage boys and understands firsthand the pressures and challenges they face, as well as the complexities of the parent/ adolescent relationship.
How to Help Your Teen Have a Successful School Getty Images

How to Help Your Teen Have a Successful School Year

Having a good start to the school year can set the tone for many months to come. It is always a difficult transition for teenagers to head back to school after summer. Now that the first few days of back to school frenzy are behind us, it's a good time to set the foundation for a positive school year for students.
09/18/2015 08:10 EDT