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Maria Claudia Lacouture

President of the Colombian Government Trade Commission, Proexport Colombia

On August 18, 2010, Maria Claudia Lacouture took office as President of Proexport.

Lacouture earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Finances, Government, and International Relations from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, and then went on to acquire a Masters Degree in Economics and Marketing from Cornell University.

Her career has long been linked to Proexport, where she began to work in 1996 as a market research advisor. She continued in the commercial office of the United States as Director of Tourism, and then turned her talents to the newly evolving field of nation branding as the Vice-President of Imagen País.

For her work in the field of nation branding and specifically for “Colombia is Passion”, she has achieved important international recognition. She has worked tirelessly with the Colombian business sector to create and articulate an accurate and positive image of Colombia to project to the world.

Lacouture also led the campaign “Discover Colombia through its heart” in order to showcase the Colombia’s greatest assets through seven giant interactive hearts and forty smaller replicas displayed through several cities in America.

As Director of Tourism for Proexport in the United States, she successfully worked to reintroduce Colombia as a major cruise ship destination and organized and hosted the annual meeting of the “Florida Cruises Association” in Cartagena. Lacouture has expanded her finance and trade background in a number of different sectors.

She worked as a researcher for the Swiss multinational corporation Egon Zehner International. Similarly, she acquired a complex understanding of 21st century communication opportunities as an administrator and coordinator of scripts for Yupi Internet, where she was in charge of the content of As one of the founding employees of, a bilingual website for business, she was able to find a successful and natural convergence for technology and economics.

Her work as a specialist in international commerce for Trade Winds Network, also headquartered in Miami, centered on developing creative marketing strategies to promote Colombian agricultural products including, but not limited to, the Colombian coffee brand
Canada, Colombia, and a Free Trade Deal That

Canada, Colombia, and a Free Trade Deal That Works

Thanks to the Canada-Colombia free trade agreement, Canadian clothing manufacturers are relying on Colombia for their apparel, especially when it comes to high performance wear. This growth in new industries creates jobs in both nations and also makes Colombian and Canadian products more competitive globally.
06/23/2013 11:29 EDT