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Maria Fleming

Political Commentator

Maria Fleming is a political staffer on Parliament Hill. She was born in Venezuela and raised in Canada. Her career path reflects upon her interests, which are politics, economics, and international relations. She holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Political Science and Economics from the University of Ottawa and a diploma from the Women's Campaign School at Yale University.
When Did Politics Become a Marketing

When Did Politics Become a Marketing Scheme?

It appears as if there is a brand of politicians that has forded the line from charisma to outright marketing. This kind is overdramatic, scandalous, ruthless, and will admit to have engaged in dishonest or illicit activities, perhaps for popularity.
11/22/2013 05:13 EST
Ottawa, Practice What You Preach and Promote Dialogue Within

Ottawa, Practice What You Preach and Promote Dialogue Within Venezuela

The Conservative government has made the promotion and protection of human rights an integral part of Canadian foreign policy. Canadians expect their government to be a leader in the human rights field by reflecting and promoting Canadian values on the international stage. Venezuela should be no different.
10/29/2013 05:38 EDT

"Twiterrorism" Is Making Governments Tremble

Twitter is becoming a powerful threat to government because anyone, anywhere can participate anonymously and all voices are on an equal playing field. This tool's ability to quickly assemble groups from the comfort of one's home is making governments tremble.
05/09/2013 08:16 EDT