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Mariah Griffin-Angus

Human Rights Activist

Mariah Griffin-Angus is from Cobalt (Northern Ontario) and is a Canadian human rights activist and policy analyst with an interest in gender and transitional justice.

Previously, Mariah lived in Rwanda, Uganda and the United Kingdom. She attended Carleton University’s Arthur Kroeger College for her Bachelors and pursued her Masters at the University of Bristol.

Mariah is a winner of the Ontario Council of International Cooperation's Global Changemaker Award of 2013.

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In Uganda, Unemployment Comes at a High

In Uganda, Unemployment Comes at a High Price

What's the price of unemployment? In the case of Uganda which has the highest completion rate of primary school education in Africa, but where youth unemployment is at 80 per cent, many Ugandas pay the price of death. Just ask the family of Justine Nalugya who committed suicide in March because she didn't have a job.
06/04/2012 04:54 EDT
The Only Thing Stopping this Economy is

The Only Thing Stopping this Economy is Darkness...Literally

Kampala has many advantages driving growth. It is resource rich. From a tourism perspective, the country is beautiful and, in comparison to Nairobi or Cape Town, it's quite safe. In some ways the country is well suited to lead Africa in economic development. Like being in the dark, literally. Unreliable electricity goes beyond being a mere hindrance; it can be life threatening.
05/29/2012 07:58 EDT
A Long Way from Loblaws: Shopping in

A Long Way from Loblaws: Shopping in Uganda

Ducking into the narrow entranceway of Owino, the rudimentary nature of the market is striking. The ground is muddy and uneven; there is no electricity. The only light comes from the sun peeking through the holes in the tarp roof. The air smells of sweetly rotten fruit, musty clothes and something completely indiscernible. Owino is the backbone of commerce in Kampala.
05/22/2012 05:05 EDT
Out of Africa: Welcome to Kampala, White

Out of Africa: Welcome to Kampala, White Girl

New malls, expensive hotels and fancy casinos are springing up everywhere in Uganda. Ex-pats and middle-class Ugandans drive flashy four-wheel jeeps and you can get any food craving satiated. Indian, Italian, Mongolian, Thai: they have it all here. And yet, it is a large urban centre where goats and chickens still roam the streets and witch doctors ply their trade.
05/14/2012 02:44 EDT