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Marie Clements

Writer, Director, and Producer

Marie Clements is an award-winning writer, director and producer who has worked for over 20 years igniting her brand of independent story-making to a variety of mediums including film, t.v., radio, new media and live performance. As a writer, director and producer her multi-media musical The Road Forward premiered at this year’s Push International Performance Festival, and her production of The Edward Curtis Project co-produced by The National Arts Centre and Great Canadian Theatre Centre, and red diva projects premiered in Ottawa, Spring 2013. As a writer and director and producer in film, her short documentary The Language of Love screened as a part of the Reel Kanata at The Berlin International Film Festival, and her short drama Pilgrims will screen at The Cannes Film Festival as a part of Telefilm’s Not Short on Talent. She is currently in development with her feature film script Red Snow and an interactive drama doc titled Number 14 with her company Working Pajama Lab Entertainment. Marie is currently the writer in residence at Simon Fraser University and was awarded the prestigious 2012 WIFT feature film award for directors.
Cannes Diary: Getty Images

Cannes Diary: "It Can Make A Girl Feel Rich"

Here you are squeezed into a street of moving beautiful people who constantly bump against you -- it is like being sandwiched by Vanity Fair. Women in heels so high stand tilted against the wind and the weight of their hair and dresses. It feels like being in a movie...except you are not the star.
05/25/2013 05:08 EDT