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Marie-Claire Klassen

Marie-Claire Klassen works with Help Lesotho as a Rural Program Support Worker in Thaba Tseka, Lesotho. Her work with Help Lesotho focuses on promoting gender equity and mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS through life skills trainings with youth and grandmothers. Marie-Claire obtained her MA in Global studies through the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies program in 2013. Marie-Claire has a deep love for Africa and has previously spent time in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Mozambique.
A Tale of Two Countries: A Closer Look at Gender in

A Tale of Two Countries: A Closer Look at Gender in Lesotho

There is a second Lesotho. In this Lesotho HIV disproportionally affects women, and girls are kicked out of school for becoming pregnant. Despite the empowerment of a minority of women into positions of political power, this is a Lesotho where patriarchal norms persist and sexual violence is all too often ignored.
03/07/2014 06:38 EST