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MJ Gagnon

President and Founder, CASACOM

Marie-Josée Gagnon is recognized by peers and clients alike as one of Canada’s most progressive, passionate and visionary public relations experts. In 2001, she founded CASACOM, a Canadian consultancy firm specializing in branding, corporate communications and public relations. Headquartered in Montréal with an office in Toronto, CASACOM’s purpose is to help clients elevate their business through integrated communications programs.
Three Ways to Win a Customer's Heart and

Three Ways to Win a Customer's Heart and Mind

The unique selling proposition (USP) is a concept that has evolved from a factual, externally focused message to one that is more holistic; it now has to touch and inspire your target audiences, whether it is your customers, employees, or partners. In our world, we believe it's the foundation for communications and a core capability of our firm.
11/19/2013 12:16 EST