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Marilyn Lazar

Editor, The Planner Magazine

Marilyn Lazar is the editor of English content at <em>The Planner</em> Magazine, a regular contributor at Eventlux and <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> as well as a freelance writer with features in <em>Vacations</em> Magazine and <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. Marilyn serves on the board of Kehilla and chairs the communications committee of its Sukkahville event.
The House That Sukkahville

The House That Sukkahville Built

Something awe-inspiring is afoot in the heart of Mel Lastman Square in Toronto. Scattered around the usually open concrete space are six unusual edifices. They are sukkahs which are temporary shelters, built according to a very specific set of rules. We are right now in the middle of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, which calls for these shelters to be built for eating and even for sleeping inside. But what are they doing in a public place?
10/02/2012 05:18 EDT
Welcome to

Welcome to Sukkahville

Sukkahville is a celebration of design as well as an observation of a religious holiday and harvest festival. A sukkah is the name of a temporary shelter constructed by observant Jews at this time of year. Part design competition, part fundraiser, the multi-faceted celebration will culminate in a Pop-up exhibit to which everyone is invited on Sunday September 30
09/14/2012 05:38 EDT
Sukkahville 2012 -- Architects for

Sukkahville 2012 -- Architects for Change

On a recent summer evening, a dozen professionals from a variety of walks gathered in the boardroom of an architectural firm in downtown Toronto. A series of drawings mounted on boards were arranged for viewing. All present were volunteering their time to peruse submissions for Sukkahville 2012, a design competition conceived to draw attention to the issues of affordable housing in Toronto.
09/13/2012 05:32 EDT
This Woman Sees Big Possibilities in Small

This Woman Sees Big Possibilities in Small Spaces

The office air conditioning had not been working on my prior visit to Kehilla Residential Programme during a sweltering August week. Tenants come and go right by Lisa Lipowitz's door. So the three Kehilla employees with offices in this building literally live and breathe their work. The organization has lofty goals for a skeleton staff in a small space.
09/12/2012 04:37 EDT
Sukkahville has Designs on Affordable

Sukkahville has Designs on Affordable Housing

In Toronto, many thousands live in substandard housing, including 20,000 members of the Jewish community. As a local non-profit housing provider, Kehilla Residential Programme is acutely aware of the situation and has been striving to chip away at it since the organization's founding in 1982. Sukkahville 2012 is an innovative event organized by Kehilla, aimed at highlighting and combating the housing issues faced by so many members of the Toronto community.
08/22/2012 04:38 EDT