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Marilyn Linton

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Marilyn Linton has written extensively on health as a newspaper columnist, magazine writer and book author. Marilyn is especially focussed on women and children's health, two health areas that she feels are underreported. Follow Marilyn on Twitter at marilynlinton1 and find her blog at

A Few Great Books Written by Doctors You Should Read

Doctors write more than just prescriptions. And if the vast landscape of medicine is of interest to you or someone on your holiday list, I have suggestions. At this point in your shopping, you might f...
12/15/2014 12:02 EST
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Forget About Work-Life Balance

If you thought balancing time at home and at work was difficult before, just wait. Studies on work/family conflict report more absenteeism, more sick days, more sleep disturbances, and challenges in nutrition as we juggle and rush to balance work, family, friendships and fitness.
09/21/2014 09:52 EDT
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Are You Suffering From Red Welts on Your Skin?

Lifestyle remedies can help prevent or soothe CIU and include wearing loose clothing, avoiding scratching, cooling the skin with a shower or fan, avoiding known triggers and keeping a diary to track the where and why of outbreaks. But as CIU is an easy target for alternative treatments that promise a cure but have little scientific basis, it's buyer beware when it comes to lotions and potions.
09/11/2014 05:40 EDT

All Popular Diets Do the Exact Same Thing, So Pick One You Like

In an analysis of data from nearly 50 trials (7,300 people) significant weight loss was observed with any low-carbohydrate or low-fat diet, with weight loss differences between diet programs small, so small as to be insignificant. That's "any" low-carb or "any" low-fat diet. Any. Just pick one you think you can stick to and live with. In other words, whatever works!
09/03/2014 07:51 EDT

The Ethics of Using Untested Ebola Drugs in Africa

Toronto's Dr. Jim Lavery has brought up another important issue that goes well beyond containment and tracking: ethics. Among the various questions: Should we consider this so-called drug which has been tested on monkeys but never on humans an actual therapy? And is it ethical to give it to Americans and not Africans?
08/12/2014 02:11 EDT
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Getting Forgetful? Try This Memory Checkup

Oscar Wilde said that memory is the diary that we all carry about. But as we age, some pages in that diary fade, others come up blank, and some are still as crisp and clear as the day we wrote them. That's my impression, anyhow, after having done a wildly popular memory test that was created by scientists at Toronto's Baycrest Health Sciences Centre and MaRS Discovery District.
07/22/2014 05:48 EDT
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More Psychiatrists Won't Fix a Broken Mental Health System

In Ontario, the fee schedule does not have limits on duration or frequency of visits. Changing that may be one way of opening up room for psychiatrists to see more patients. Another idea, adopted in Australia, the U.K and the U.S., includes shifting the psychiatrist's role to that of a consultant on a multidisciplinary team. In such a model, psychiatrists provide the initial diagnosis, oversee any pharmaceutical treatment, and work with a team of social workers and psychologists to provide psychotherapy, support and to monitor progress.
07/15/2014 12:40 EDT
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Animals in Canada Get Better Medical Treatment Than Humans

Though she made clear she could not tolerate a drug and asked for a substitute, her request was ignored; while seeking holistic treatment at a spa, she found they took a more complete medical history than any hospital had; as her lump grew in size, her doctors seemed rather blase about the lack of diagnosis and the slowness with which appointments proceeded.
06/09/2014 05:27 EDT

Read This Before You Opt For Chemotherapy

Dr. Bombard said women she interviewed understood the concept that the test could indicate whether chemo would be beneficial or not. But she also found that many women thought the test reflected their own unique circumstances and did not understand that their test result was actually based on larger population statistics.
05/01/2014 01:21 EDT
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Underweight People Have a High Chance of Dying Too

We all know that to lower our risk of some conditions and diseases the advice given is usually to drop some pounds. But many of us take dieting too far and forget that there is a difference between lean and skinny, the former a reflection of robust health and fitness, the latter frankly potentially unhealthy and frankly unattractive.
03/28/2014 12:07 EDT

No Butts About It: Don't Fear the Colonoscopy

Bottoms up, push for your tush, get your butt seen, and get behind your behind: Colon cancer organizations have tried every cheeky trick in the book with their campaigns aimed at convincing Canadians to submit to colonoscopy screening -- considered the gold standard for the detection of colon cancer. And still, people don't do them.
03/24/2014 12:23 EDT