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Marina Adshade

UBC professor, public speaker, and author of The Love Market: What you need to know about how we date, mate & marry.

Economist Marina Adshade’s theories on the interplay of market forces in the matters of love and libido have brought her attention from around the globe. She is the author of The Love Market and Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love (Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love). Using engaging research and economic analysis, and no small dose of humour, Adshade unlocks the mysteries behind our actions, thoughts and preferences regarding sexual relationships, gender, love and power.

She teaches at the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver School of Economics and is a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail and Bloomberg News, The New York Times, The Independent, The Wall Street Journal, Chatelaine, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Fox News, CBC Radio and Canada AM, to name but a few, have sought out her economic expertise on sex, love and romance.
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How the Super Bowl Affects Men's Desire For Porn

Prior to the Super Bowl we looked at Google Trends data (that measures changes in search terms) to see if the Super Bowl games had any effect on searching for online porn in 2014 and 2013. We found evidence that was consistent with the Challenge Hypothesis: "winning" states increased their searchers for porn terms and "losing" states decreased their searches for porn terms.
02/25/2015 05:53 EST
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Quebec Should Not Put Age Limits on In Vitro Fertilization

Last week, Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette tabled a bill that, if passed, will strictly prohibit women over the age of 42 from having access to in vitro fertilization (IVF). While the purpose of the bill, on the surface at least, is to lessen financial strain on the healthcare system, this particular section of the bill doesn't seem to have been included for that purpose. It seems much more likely that what the Quebec government is trying to save is donor eggs, not dollars.
12/07/2014 01:24 EST

Sexual Freedom Is No Excuse for Sexual Assault

For many years, I have wondered what might be the limit of our tolerance for sexual freedoms. I have no doubt that that tolerance ends when those sexual freedoms infringe on the dominion, to use Ghomeshi's word, of one's own body. Given how difficult it is to determine when that is the case, or is not the case, however, I suspect we will be hearing many more stories of "poor persecuted perverts."
11/05/2014 05:57 EST
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Want a Successful Family? Learn From Same-Sex Parents

Different-sex parents, apparently, have a few things to learn about how to run a household from same-sex parents. New evidence concludes that because same-sex couples allocate household chores based on each individual parent's suitability for the job, rather than on gender stereotypes, children from those homes are growing up in happier and more harmonious family environments.
07/10/2014 12:31 EDT