Marina Rogers

Student, McGill University

Marina Rogers, born in Utah and raised by the world, is currently living in Montreal, Canada attending McGill University. Majoring in Art History with a minor in Religion, Marina envisions herself curating, globetrotting, and succumbing to the wonders of the universe. Having lived in the US, Canada, Peru and Holland she is trilingual and subject to everlasting wanderlust. Thus you can find her daydreaming about past or future adventures (the most recent being 7 months in Asia). Her juxtaposing interests keep her busy –- classical violin, spoken word poetry, calculus, meditation and green smoothies. She spends her days filled with music, art, and love. Or you can find her dancing alone in her room waiting for autumn (and pumpkin pie).
I Don't Know What To Say When People Ask 'Where Are You

I Don't Know What To Say When People Ask 'Where Are You From?'

I have thus alienated myself from the convention of associating a cultural, national identity to my name. I do not feel like a citizen of said country, but rather, a denizen of the world. I realize my situation is rare and privileged, but I am not insensitive to the many problems revolving national identity around the world.
11/11/2014 12:46 EST