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Mario & Diane Cloutier

Authors, Relationship Coaches

Acclaimed Relationship Coaches, Authors and Bloggers Diane and Mario Cloutier have each experienced real-life relationship sorrows of breakups and divorces before finally attracting the blissful relationship each of them were longing for. They became romantically involved in 1998 and married in 2001. Together, they are the proud parents of three millennials. Their new book, Relovenship® -Look Within to Love Again! (Xclamat!on Media, 2015) gives inspiration, hope and a step-by-step methodology to people who have had romantic disappointments and are still looking to find "the one." Mario and Diane are now constantly traveling across the United Sates and Canada to spread their message: that it is possible to "live happily... EVEN after!" For booking inquiries or to learn more about them and their upcoming events, go to And of course, follow them on Twitter or Facebook!
3 Ways to Overcome the Fears That Foil True

3 Ways to Overcome the Fears That Foil True Love

People often ask us, "What's the one thing you have to do to find the right partner after having experienced a major heartbreak?" Our unequivocal answer is: Overcome fear. It's the one critical factor that gets in the way of individuals venturing on the romantic recovery path.
10/13/2015 08:04 EDT
A Broken Heart Can Be Healed Through

A Broken Heart Can Be Healed Through Introspection

We firmly believe it's possible to find love again after experiencing a major heartbreak, but be forewarned: "possible" doesn't mean "easy." The first obstacle to surmount is fear. This is the most critical roadblock to moving forward and finding love again. Fear is often so dominant that it can crush any new budding relationship before it takes bloom.
10/04/2015 06:26 EDT
4 Personal Laws to Consider Before Starting to Date

4 Personal Laws to Consider Before Starting to Date Again

If you have had one or more serious breakups, your journey to finding your perfect mate will likely require a serious shift. We call this a shift to a "no compromises, no settlements mindset." It incorporates several elements, but we will zero-in on a specific one: your personal "laws."
09/25/2015 08:45 EDT
Don't Use Camouflage When Hunting for a

Don't Use Camouflage When Hunting for a Relationship

Starting a relationship without exposing our true selves is venturing into dangerous territory -- like walking in a minefield and knowing we could trigger an explosion with every step. Many of us have experienced or witnessed such an explosion before -- a couple seems to be getting along just fine until one day, out of the blue, one party calls it quits.
09/16/2015 05:02 EDT