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Marion Kane

Food Writer

Marion Kane has been a leader in the world of food writing for over 30 years. Her work combines social commentary and a contagious, consuming passion for things culinary that has attracted a huge and loyal following. For 18 years, she was food editor and food columnist for Canada's largest newspaper: the Toronto Star. She lives in Toronto's Kensington Market and is currently involved in various projects as a food sleuth, broadcaster, writer and cook. Her latest book "Dish" (Whitecap) is available on and her memoir is in the works.
Celebrate The Cookbook Store's 30th with This Classic

Celebrate The Cookbook Store's 30th with This Classic Dish

Enter the famous Chicken Mar­bella of my early culi­nary efforts. And re-enter The Sil­ver Palate Cook­book. Chicken Mar­bella is basi­cally a twist on the Mid­dle East­ern dish Tagine and is chicken pre­pared with olives, capers and prunes. This recipe is my toast to The Cook­book Store's 30th anniver­sary.
04/11/2013 05:09 EDT
The Heat of the Kitchen: Addiction Among Travel Channel

The Heat of the Kitchen: Addiction Among Chefs

John Higgins, direc­tor of the Chef School at George Brown Col­lege in Toronto, lists some rea­sons addic­tion thrives in the heat of a pro­fes­sional kitchen: Long hours, the pres­sure of pro­duc­ing good work in a short time, the adren­a­line rush, easy access to alco­hol and the fact that sen­si­tive, cre­ative types are often attracted to this job.
03/18/2013 12:11 EDT