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Mark Bourrie

Journalist, author, lecturer

Mark Bourrie is quickly emerging as the country’s leading expert and author on propaganda and censorship. He is also an award-winning writer and a respected military historian with a PhD in history. A National Magazine Award-winning journalist, he has been a member of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery since 1994. Bourrie lectures on propaganda and censorship at the Department of National Defence Public Affairs Learning Centre and periodically teaches courses on media history, censorship and propaganda at Carleton University and in Canadian Studies at the University of Ottawa.
'Walking Time Bombs': ISIS's Radicalization Of Our

'Walking Time Bombs': ISIS's Radicalization Of Our Youth

What would motivate someone leading a seemingly normal life -- playing in a band, fussing about his grades, spending a bit of time on the hockey rink -- to leave his family and friends, get rid of his belongings, and scrape up the money to travel to one of the most dangerous parts of the world to join an organization that crucifies and beheads its enemies? And why are so many young people, those raised as Muslims and those who were not, making the same journey to join ISIS?
03/17/2016 02:14 EDT
Is 'Argo' Canada's Story if We Never Claimed

Is 'Argo' Canada's Story if We Never Claimed It?

Ah, the <em>Argo</em>-bashing. Yeah, it was a bad rehash of the story that -- until now -- was called the Canadian Caper. It was our story. But it's not that we didn't have 32 years to make our own decent movie. Someone could have gotten a grant to write a solid, interesting book that told the whole story. Affleck clued in to the story when he read a piece about the Argo ruse in <em>Wired</em> magazine. <em>The Walrus</em> and <em>Maclean's</em> somehow lost track of this great Canadian moment. So, if it was really a Canadian Caper, Canadians didn't give much of a damn about it.
02/28/2013 12:40 EST
What Really Worries Me About the London

What Really Worries Me About the London Riots

Taking Internet access from poor people should quell the fires of revolt. Soon, they'll respect their betters. They won't mind the bank bailouts, the crooked media that allegedly tapped people's phones, the hard-wired class structure that cuts down people with the wrong background, the wrong accent, the wrong education.
08/17/2011 03:01 EDT
Book Publishing: An Author's Hellish

Book Publishing: An Author's Hellish Ordeal

Canadian book publishing is more of a hobby than a profession. The more I write books and promote them, the more likely I am to end up on the dole. Very, very few people in Canada make a living from writing books. I hope to, but the chances are slim to none. So why do it?
08/04/2011 12:08 EDT
Canadian History Just Bunk to Make a

Canadian History Just Bunk to Make a Buck

Don't feel guilty if you couldn't pass the silly Canadian history trivia tests that ran in most of the country's newspapers recently. A lot of people in governments, universities and publishing companies make good salaries working with Canadian history every day don't care much about it, either.
07/13/2011 12:14 EDT
Will and Kate Arrive, Canada

Will and Kate Arrive, Canada Yawns

Why would anyone want to get up early on a hot Saturday morning to watch a relatively horsey-looking, vaguely famous young man and his looks-good-in-a-cocktail-dress wife walk from a landau to a stage and sit down while the throat singers do their stuff? I think Canadians are somehow past this stuff.
06/30/2011 06:58 EDT
Canada's New Bills Won't Change Old Financial

Canada's New Bills Won't Change Old Financial Habits

Money -- even Canada's new polymer bills -- are articles of faith, and we're in for a reckoning. We hide debt by spreading it among provinces and municipalities. Our statisticians play with numbers to convince us that inflation is much lower than it actually is.
06/24/2011 09:11 EDT
Canada's Media Is Around When You're Short of

Canada's Media Is Around When You're Short of Enemies

Stephen Harper has worked hard in the past eight years to de-legitimize the role of the media in the political system. He deliberately worked to create bad feeling with the Parliamentary Press Gallery, then hammed up the role of victim when the press fought back. And the press didn't fight hard.
06/20/2011 07:08 EDT
Canada's Politicians Lead Like

Canada's Politicians Lead Like Zombies

Our election saw a resurgence of the walking undead. The prime minister was, and is, an obvious robot devised by Boeing engineers and manufactured in a right-to-work state.
06/01/2011 07:59 EDT