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Mark Burhenne

Family and Sleep Dentist, Creator of

Dr. Mark Burhenne DDS is a Silicon Valley family and cosmetic dentist of over 25 years. He's the creator of, whose mission is to help people take control of their dental health, get out of pain, and get unbiased answers about their teeth. You can get all of Dr. Burhenne's oral health advice by following Ask the Dentist on Facebook or Twitter. You can also find Dr. Burhenne on YouTube, where he gives explanations of dental procedures and how-to advice on oral hygiene.
Paleo People Didn't Need Dental Check-Ups, But You

Paleo People Didn't Need Dental Check-Ups, But You Do

It's strange that we have to have teeth cleanings every six months, isn't it? Humankind is certainly older than dentistry, so before the modern of age technology, how did humans prevent their teeth from falling out? Assuming that we consider early man to be between two- and four-million years old, cavities have only become an epidemic in the last half of one percent of our existence. So what changed?
10/09/2013 12:43 EDT
How to Make Flossing a

How to Make Flossing a Habit

Why is it so tough to remember to floss? I rarely run into a patient who can't remember to brush their teeth twice a day, but even the most conscientious among us come to their hygiene appointment anxious and awaiting the hygienist's lecture about flossing.
02/28/2013 06:01 EST
Suffering From Anxiety? Why Sleep Apnea Might Be the

Suffering From Anxiety? Why Sleep Apnea Might Be the Culprit

The worst part of sleep apnea isn't that you're missing out on restorative sleep that slows the aging process and improves cognitive function -- the worst part is that you're waking up from an entire night of feeling panicked and breathless. Imagine how that impacts you during your waking hours.
01/28/2013 05:10 EST
10 Dental Symptoms You Should Never

10 Dental Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Sometimes tooth sensitivity or bad breath are just symptoms of a flu bug that will go away when your flu does. But sometimes, these symptoms that show up in the mouth are the body's way of letting you know that something much more serious is going on elsewhere in the body. Know these dental symptoms that you should never ignore and when to see your dentist.
01/25/2013 08:15 EST