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Mark Bylok

Whisky expert, best-selling author of The Whisky Cabinet

Whisky expert and best-selling author, Mark Bylok’s whisky journey has taken him all over the world, visiting countless distilleries to taste and gain more knowledge. An active member in the whisky community, Mark spends his time with whisky makers, brand ambassadors, bartenders, and whisky experts to get an insider’s view into the industry. He challenges both whisky enthusiasts and newcomers to explore the whisky-tasting experience through his passion for whisky and its rich history and complexities. The Whisky Cabinet, Mark’s best-selling debut book, is a guide to enjoying some of the most delicious whiskies from across the globe. Hundreds of his reviews and recommendations give readers insight into the diverse world of whisky.
Canadian Whisky: The Comeback

Canadian Whisky: The Comeback Story

Canadian whisky has a history of being among the best-selling whisky in the world. However, the Canadian whisky story isn't about sales. It's about the flavour, and how the Canadian whisky industry is adapting to premium flavour-forward competition from other countries. As a result, it's making a comeback.
05/05/2015 05:30 EDT