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Mark Lukowski

Chief Executive Officer, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada

Mark Lukowski was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) in April 2009. As CEO, Lukowski is responsible for managing growth and all CCFC operations, as well as for developing strategic partnerships and increasing the profile of CCFC worldwide.

Lukowski is a senior executive with extensive leadership experience in a variety of sectors including high tech, transportation, service and logistics. He has held executive positions with a variety of organizations, including Hewlett-Packard, Motorola and Clarke Inc., where he was responsible for growing revenue, increasing profits, and implementing global alliances.

Lukowski holds a Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science. He is active in his community through fundraising, volunteering with children’s programs focused on youth mentoring and serves as an active participant on corporate and non-profit board of directors.
Why Listening to Children Could Help the

Why Listening to Children Could Help the Environment

The new Small Voices, Big Dreams survey showed that one-third of children globally cite pollution as the environmental problem they worry most about, while one-fifth are most concerned about natural disasters. Fifty-three per cent of Canadian children said they were most worried about pollution.
11/26/2012 09:05 EST