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Mark McDonald

Runner, Triathlete and Finance Manager

As everyone has experienced at some time or another, finding a work/life balance is not always easy even when you love your job! However, Mark McDonald’s focused dedication to health and fitness has enabled ongoing life success. For nearly 15 years, Mark has served and inspired the Members of The Energy Credit Union in the capacity of Financial Services Manager. He has coached at clinics for the Running Room and he is a sponsored athlete of Running Free Ajax. Embracing continuous improvements for lifelong accomplishments, Mark continues to engage in public speaking activities to motivate others through his own transformation from overweight to a fit and healthy lifestyle. And, as he frequently asks, ‘If I can do it, what’s stopping you?'
Taking A Run Outside My Comfort Zone Saved My

Taking A Run Outside My Comfort Zone Saved My Life

It was the spring of 2005, I was an overweight smoker and on the fast track to an early grave. I was 23-years-old, weighed 260 pounds and smoked a pack a day. My eating habits were poor with little to no exercise. Changes had to be made.
04/01/2016 03:06 EDT