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Mark Moore

Founder and CEO, MANA Nutrition

Mark Moore is the founder and CEO of MANA Nutrition. Mark spent nearly ten years working in eastern Uganda, serving as a rural community development worker. He has also served as Legislative Fellow and Africa Specialist in the United States Senate for Senator Mary Landrieu and as Policy Director for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. Prior to founding MANA, Moore co-founded the Kibo Group, a development organization that seeks to incubate and spin off creative efforts focused on Africa.
A Christmas Card to Canada, Love From Getty

A Christmas Card to Canada, Love From America

So thank you Canada. No one elected me to speak for the Americans, but I decided to do it anyway. Thanks for being such a good neighbor! I am talking about the less public things for which we owe you thanks. You have a big heart. And you are generous. We and the world keep eating at your house. You really are so nice.Thanks for that!
12/10/2014 06:53 EST