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Mark Warner

Ontario and New York attorney specializing in trade, competition and investment law

Mark Warner is an Ontario and New York attorney specializing in trade, competition and investment law. Mark is a former Director of Legal Services for three Ontario Government Ministries, has practiced law in leading law firms in Toronto, Washington, New York and Brussels, and has served as counsel to the OECD in Paris. His work experience has included university research and teaching, and acting as an independent consultant to various foreign governments and international organizations.

Scalia: A Supporter of Canadian Regulatory Sovereignty?

While it may be tempting for some Canadian commentators to dance on the grave of a recently departed conservative jurist, it is worth pausing and reflecting on the fact that on the international comity so important to successive Canadian governments, Scalia's textualism arguably led him more often to be found on our side and leading his more liberal colleagues to our side.
02/22/2016 01:09 EST

Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks Shouldn't Stop for Elections

Trade negotiations are growing in importance as developed and developing countries alike increasingly realize that protectionism is not a path to prosperity. Federalism poses challenges for our trade negotiations that are exacerbated by elections at both levels of government in Canada, and among our trading partners. The electoral clock is also ticking on Japanese Diet elections next summer and on U.S. presidential and congressional elections next fall. If the machinery of trade talks ground to a halt every time an election approached, there would be no trade agreements at all -- which is, perhaps, what some people desire.
08/20/2015 12:56 EDT