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Marko Vesely

Lawyer, Partner at Lawson Lundell LLP

Marko Vesely is a partner at Lawson Lundell LLP where he's the head of the defamation and media law group. He practices civil and commercial litigation, with a focus on defamation, copyright and other intellectual property disputes securities litigation, class actions, products liability cases, and commercial arbitrations. He has appeared as lead counsel at all levels of court in British Columbia, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the Federal Court of Appeal. Marko is a regular legal affairs commentator in national media.
Canadian Law of Defamation And The John Furlong

Canadian Law of Defamation And The John Furlong Allegations

Allegations published by the Georgia Straight newspaper against John Furlong, the former CEO of the Vancouver Olympics, have dominated headlines recently. The public statements that have been issued thus far by Furlong and the Georgia Straight foreshadow some of the issues that may be raised in any lawsuit which may follow.
10/01/2012 06:09 EDT