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Markus Moos

Urbanist, Academic, Planner, Teacher, Writer

Dr. Moos is a Registered Professional Planner and Assistant Professor in the School of Planning, Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo, Canada. His research is on the changing economy, housing markets, and social structure of cities, particularly generational change, Millennials and the youthification of inner cities. Dr. Moos is the founder of Generationed City, a research project at Waterloo analyzing housing and employment challenges facing different generations in the USA and Canada. More information about this research is available at
Yes, We Can Afford to Plan for Smarter Growth and Better

Yes, We Can Afford to Plan for Smarter Growth and Better Housing

Several articles have recently argued against smart growth planning on the grounds that it is the cause of our current housing affordability problems. The underlying assumption is that smart growth places artificial limits on land supply and therefore contributes to an increase in the cost of housing. This argument does not take into consideration the full range of factors that are responsible for the current escalation in the price of housing.
02/12/2015 02:23 EST
How City Planning Can Cause Greater Generational

How City Planning Can Cause Greater Generational Divides

An absence of multigenerational interaction may seem like a blessing to some, but it has those in city planning concerned. Just as our neighbourhoods have traditionally been segregated by race, ethnicity, income and culture, today they're also increasingly split by age.
01/20/2015 12:47 EST