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Marla Brum

Toronto style blogger

Marla Brum is a style blogger based out of Toronto. Any style and beauty trends she's struck by on the runway she will rework to become wearable on the streets. Marla has worked with a number of brands over the past few years and is currently a brand ambassador for Le Chateau, Bench and Brave Leather.
Eyebrow Embroidery Is The Latest Beauty Marla Brum

Eyebrow Embroidery Is The Latest Beauty Trend

So, here's the scoop: back when I was about 14 years old, I begged my mother to let me wax my eyebrows. Being a typical persistent teenager I eventually wore her down until she agreed to let me go in for a "clean up." That's when everything went downhill.
02/19/2016 04:43 EST