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Martha Turner

Marketing Expert

Martha Turner is an experienced marketing and digital executive who is always looking to push the envelope when it comes to marketing innovation. She holds a M.A. from the University of Toronto, was previously an appointed member of the Canadian Marketing Association Executive Council and is currently a Board member of the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada.

Outside of work, Martha is a proud mom, wife, fitness enthusiast, art lover, foodie and animal lover.
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The Sharing Economy Is Transforming How We Learn

As young people enter an increasingly over-credentialed job market, new forms of qualifications and ways of acquiring them are beginning to gain traction in an increasingly competitive environment. This not only helps candidates better market themselves, but also helps meet the emerging skills required in a vastly changing career landscape.
04/27/2016 05:50 EDT

The Class of 2030 Should Start Using These 5 Tech Tools Now

Much like the landscape of careers Canadians' perceptions of the classroom is changing. What tools should our children start using to better prepare them for the classroom for the future? Based on what we've seen these are the top five tech trends preschool children will begin adopting to better prepare them for the future of learning.
04/21/2015 01:16 EDT
PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

How To Predict the Jobs of the Future

Many new jobs will emerge -- such as a robot counsellor, who is someone that matches robots with humans depending on their needs. While it all sounds very sci-fi in 2014, many of our job predictions are based on technological advancements that currently exist and are just 'waiting in the wings' for commercial development. It's all very exciting.
06/24/2014 05:29 EDT