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Martin Cooke

Foreign Service Officer

Martin Cooke is a Foreign Service Officer who has worked at the Department of Foreign Affairs for more than 10 years. In addition to work on a range of files at DFATD HQ in Ottawa, his posting experience includes three years at the Canadian High Commission in Islamabad, and one year in Kandahar. He is currently posted to the Canadian Embassy to Venezuela in Caracas.
Where Is This Free Rent Of Which You Getty

Where Is This Free Rent Of Which You Speak?

Dear Mr. Trottier, During Tuesday's Power & Politics segment on CBC television, you stated that Foreign Service Officers receive numerous benefits, such as housing allowances and dry cleaning. As a Foreign Service Officer, I found this particularly interesting as, in my 10 years in the Department of Foreign Affairs, I have never had dry cleaning paid for and have always paid rent for my accommodations.If you could actually provide me with the benefits that you claimed I am entitled to, I would be more than happy to send receipts directly to your office.
08/02/2013 05:39 EDT