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Marty Warren

Lifelong social and labour activist, United Steelworkers Director for Ontario and Atlantic Canada, representing 74,000 working people.

Marty Warren is the Director of District 6 of the United Steelworkers (USW), representing 74,000 working people across Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Marty has been a social and labour activist for three decades, beginning with the United Rubber Workers while working at a tire plant in his hometown of Kitchener, Ont. He became a Steelworker as a result of the 1995 merger of the USW and URW. Marty Warren is known as a consensus-builder who doesn't shy away from tackling the daunting challenges facing the labour movement and working families. "Canadian families are facing some of the toughest economic and social challenges we have seen in generations," he says. "Our working and living standards are under constant attack. We must engage and empower working people to be politically active and to stand up and fight for fairness, equality and progressive change.”
I'm Boycotting Beer Sold in Cans and Here's Why You Should Tom Joslyn via Getty Images

I'm Boycotting Beer Sold in Cans and Here's Why You Should Too

Crown forced its award-winning employees, including many long-serving and second- and third-generation workers, onto the horns of a dilemma. They could continue working and accept Crown's draconian demands, including a two-tier, low-wage workplace that would eradicate decent jobs for young people. Or, at great personal sacrifice, they could take to the picket line and stand up for the next generation.
01/21/2015 12:30 EST