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Marvin Ross

Writer, publisher

Marvin Ross is a Dundas, Ontario writer and publisher with a particular interest in mental health. Dr E Fuller Torrey, in his latest edition of the classic Understanding Schizophrenia A Manual For Families, called Mr Ross "one of the leading Canadian advocates for individuals with serious psychiatric disorders".

He listed 3 Bridgeross titles as among the top books on schizophrenia. These are Schizophrenia, Medicine's Mystery Society's Shame by Marvin Ross along with After Her Brain Broke: Helping My Daughter Recover Her Sanity by Susan Inman, and Dr. Carolyn Dobbins' What A Life Can Be: One Therapist's Take on Schizoaffective Disorder. .

His company, Bridgeross, publishes a number of other books on schizophrenia that have been recommended by NAMI in the US, EUFAMI in Europe, The Mood Disorders Society of Canada, and the World Federation for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders.

Three of the top 10 must read books on schizophrenia listed by, are Bridgeross Titles.

He is also the producer of two documentary films on schizophrenia
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Rob Ford Shows That 'Mental Health First Aid' is Expensive and Ineffective

With traditional first aid, those who are trained would give CPR to someone in cardiac arrest until the paramedics arrived or staunch bleeding or do mouth to mouth. The ill individual would be helped and then handed over to the professionals. Does MHFA accomplish the same? Do those they counsel end with professional help? The answer from the evaluations that have been done is no.
11/20/2013 05:22 EST

Don't Be Too Quick to Praise This New Treatment

There are no other evaluations of the program that I can find searching the medical literature and the number of participants they evaluated was very small. My suggestion to the psychiatric contrarians is to can the hype on Open Dialogue until independent studies do confirm your views that it is vastly better than what currently exists.
11/11/2013 12:14 EST

Having Police Shoot the Mentally Ill is Cost Effective But Absurd

When someone is severely troubled, delusional, and potentially violent and we have no beds for them in our hospitals, they may get to deal with the police who are likely to shoot them. Not exactly a humanitarian way of dealing with the seriously mentally ill but one that is likely cost effective. We are not providing appropriate care and resources to the seriously mentally ill and we need to.
10/21/2013 12:29 EDT

One Step Forward for Mental Health and One Step Back

The shooting death by police of a Hamilton man on leave from the psychiatric wing of St Joseph's Hospital remains shrouded in mystery and refusals to talk. Steve Mesic left behind a very supportive family, friends and a pregnant fiance all of whom are devastated by his death and upset at the lack of transparency from city officials.
09/15/2013 11:44 EDT

How Do We Protect the Mentally Ill From Police Violence?

While there is no evidence that Sammy Yatim had a mental illness, his shooting has reminded everyone of all those with mental illness who have been shot by police.The Mental Health Commission of Canada could make a significant contribution to reducing these tragedies by funding specialized police/psychiatry units and having them operate for longer periods of time.
08/19/2013 05:07 EDT

In Canada, Who Polices the Police?

Sammy Yatim's unfortunate death at the hands of police in Toronto is an extreme example of police behaviour that goes unchecked in this country. It is only when police action leads to death as in this case and in the case of Robert Dziekanski who was tasered by RCMP officers in Vancouver a few years ago that there is an outcry. There are others and our politicians stand by and hide.
07/30/2013 12:19 EDT

Journalists Are Not Medical Experts

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) finds itself embroiled in controversy for its decision to invite medical journalist, Robert Whitaker to speak at its annual conference this past June. In...
07/24/2013 02:15 EDT

Where Is Justice When Someone With Schizophrenia is Wronged?

As I reported in early April, Douglas Brown of Burlington, Ontario who suffers from schizophrenia was found not guilty of assaulting two Joseph Brant Hospital staff and of attempting to grab a police officer's revolver. The judge had very harsh words for the two hospital staff and for the five cops and their Tasering of Mr Brown.
06/03/2013 12:15 EDT

Parents of the Mentally Ill Need Recognition Too

The month of May in Canada has in it one week devoted to mental illness awareness and one day devoted to schizophrenia awareness. But, nothing for the parents of the mentally ill who suffer almost as much as their children. We parents carry much of the burden for the care of our ill offspring but we are ignored. And, we are often ignored and shunned by the professionals.
05/01/2013 12:25 EDT

No One Should Be Treated As This Schizophrenic Man Was

Almost two and half years of hell ended for Douglas Brown, a 40-year-old man with schizophrenia from Burlington, Ontario, when Justice Stephen D. Brown of the Ontario Court of Justice on April 8, 2013 found him not guilty of assault against hospital staff. But the suffering is not over for Douglas Brown.
04/12/2013 12:12 EDT
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Why the Treatment for Schizophrenia is not a "One-Size-Fits-All"

Scientists strive for an unbiased evaluation of all the scientific evidence to determine "if" something is true." Treatments for schizophrenia are far from perfect and, as I have written before, doctors do not always follow their own treatment protocols as they should but the medications have benefited many.
04/02/2013 08:29 EDT

Good Mental Illness Policy Includes the Violence Taboo

Prime Minister Harper wants to enhance the safety of victims harmed by the violence of the untreated mentally ill with proposed changes to the Criminal Code. But it still retains absolute discharge once the individual demonstrates that he/she is well and is taking medications. The problem is, there are no restrictions and no provision for ongoing monitoring to ensure that treatment is adhered to. Those who are untreated are often violent and nothing is to be gained by ignoring reality.
03/04/2013 12:17 EST

Harper's Mental Health Changes Are Too Simplistic

Legislation introduced by Stephen Harper to amend the Criminal Code to protect the public from those found not criminally responsible for their acts (Bill C-54) is overly simplistic. While Mr. Harper is well intentioned and sympathetic to the victims of untreated mental illness, he is not going to achieve his intent with these proposed changes.
02/20/2013 10:54 EST

Treating Mental Illness Will Prevent Future Tragedies

Alex Conte, a 21-year-old Sooke, B.C. man was found not criminally responsible for killing his mother due to his mental illness. I can only wonder how those who proclaim that the mentally ill are more likely to be victims of violence rather than perpetrators of violence account for incidents like this. This statement that the mentally ill are less violent than others is true for those who are treated but not for those who are untreated.
02/05/2013 05:45 EST

When It Comes to School Shootings, Drugs Aren't the Problem

A January 8 letter to the Toronto Star headlined "Preventing Another Newtown" pointed out that "The perpetrators of almost every mass shooting were on psychotropic drugs." As absurd as it may seem, there is a myth that continues to grow after mass shootings and that is that the cause of these shootings are psychiatric medications themselves. But studies demonstrate that most acts of violence are committed by people who are not being treated.
01/15/2013 08:14 EST